Boris v2.4 Available

The latest v2.4 version is now available.

New in v2.4:

  • PBCs for all demag modules, including multilayered convolution demag
  • 2D layering option for multilayered convolution
  • Steepest descent solver for static micromagnetics problems
  • New evaluation methods, including AHeun, RK23, RKCK, RKDP
  • Spatially non-uniform stimuli, for applied field, set temperature, and heat sources in the heat equation
  • New skyrmion tracking algorithm with variable size tracking window, allowing tracking of exact center position for any number of skyrmions, including their x and y axes diameters (e.g. for breathing mode studies)
  • Skyrmion analysis commands, including fitting functions and topological charge computation
  • Choice of single or double precision CUDA computations
  • Menu options – very easy and intuitive to use
  • OVF2 file handling for loading and saving magnetisation data
  • Exchange coupling between multiple magnetic meshes