Boris is open source and free to use for academic research and educational purposes. Please download the latest version below.

We are always interested in new collaborations, particularly for modelling of experimental results. If you require new modelling capabilities not currently included in Boris, then also please get in touch.

If you are interested in Boris for commercial use please contact us.

Boris is open source and found on GitHub:

A support forum is available on Google Groups: Boris Computational Spintronics

Download notes: For CUDA versions you need a CUDA-enabled GPU. If you know the CUDA compute capability of your graphics card then download the required version, otherwise you should download the lowest CUDA compute version below. Alternatively you can download Boris Lite without CUDA computations. Note, the CUDA versions include both CPU and GPU computations. In a future release I will roll all the CUDA versions into a single installer for convenience.

If the CUDA compute version of the program exceeds the version for your GPU, then CUDA computations will not execute. If the CUDA compute version of the program is lower than that of your GPU, the program will take several minutes to launch the first time and might not work as expected (I have not tested this).

Date: 28th June 2019

Installer (Win7, Win10, x64)
borislite_setup.exe no CUDAv2.325MB
boriscuda5_setup.exeCUDA Compute 5.0 or greaterv2.385MB
boriscuda6_setup.exeCUDA Compute 6.0 or greaterv2.385MB
boriscuda7_setup.exeCUDA Compute 7.0 or greaterv2.383MB
User Manualv2.3 manual in installerv2.2

Older versions (it is strongly recommended you use the latest version above – backward compatibility for simulation save files is maintained)

Date: 12th April 2019

Installer (Win7, Win10, x64)
borislite_setup.exe no CUDAv2.2124MB
boriscuda5_setup.exeCUDA Compute 5.0 or greaterv2.2183MB
boriscuda6_setup.exeCUDA Compute 6.0 or greaterv2.2182MB
boriscuda7_setup.exeCUDA Compute 7.0 or greaterv2.2181MB
User Manualv2.21 manual in installerv2.2

Date: 6th March 2019

Installer (Win7, Win10, x64)
borislite_setup.exe no CUDAv2.223MB
boriscuda5_setup.exeCUDA Compute 5.0 or greaterv2.280MB
boriscuda6_setup.exeCUDA Compute 6.0 or greaterv2.280MB
boriscuda7_setup.exeCUDA Compute 7.0 or greaterv2.279MB
User Manualv2.2