Boris v2.2 available

Boris is now available for download, complete with a 170 pages manual and plenty of examples. Currently only Win7 and Win10 (x64) are supported. Linux versions not currently planned but may consider it if there’s enough demand.

Summary of key features:

  • CPU and GPU computations using CUDA
  • Easy to use, as well as advanced control using Python scripting
  • Thermoelectric and self-consistent spin transport solver integrated with magnetisation dynamics solver
  • LLG and LLB simulations, including stochastic versions
  • Multi-layered approach with independently discretized multiple computational meshes
  • Temperature and spatially dependent material parameters allowing inclusion of defects, impurities, and physical roughness
  • DMI, RKKY interaction, Oersted fields
  • Domain wall and skyrmion tracking algorithms
  • Spin transport solver allows computations with non-uniform charge and spin current densities, self-consistently including a number of effects: AMR, CPP-GMR, SHE, ISHE, spin pumping, bulk and interfacial spin torques

Upcoming in next version:

  • Antiferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic layers modelling
  • Stress-strain solver
  • Various new features including PBC, and poly-crystalline film generator

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