Patching System Introduced

I’ve introduced a method to incrementally upgrade the release version, rather than having to download the entire installer every time – important now since they are getting rather large.

This is currently applicable to the Windows installers only, not to the Linux version which needs to be compiled from source.

Currently manual patching is required:

  1. Download patch
  2. Extract in Boris directory (on Windows this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Boris)
  3. Run PatchApply.exe as administrator after closing all running Boris instances
  4. Boris binaries are now updated and you can restart program (you will see new version in title bar)

From the next release version I will automate this updating process through an in-built console command, which when called will automatically download latest patch, install it, and restart program.

The current patch increments the version from v3.00 to v3.01 to fix an issue with the SDesc (steepest descent) solver, which now uses the correct updating formula:

(1)   \begin{equation*}  \mathbf{m_{next}} = \frac{[1 - s^2(\mathbf{m}\times \mathbf{H})^2]\mathbf{m} - 2s\mathbf{m}\times (\mathbf{m}\times \mathbf{H})} {1 + s^2(\mathbf{m}\times \mathbf{H})^2}, s = dT \gamma / 4 \end{equation*}